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  1. you were totally brilliant at the nia with the who.

    never heard of you before but you deserve every success after such a great show

  2. Echo Geoff – I now have the album, download and really love it – esp Modern World and Right Train – sadly can’t make any of the Bluetones supporting gigs – you will be great though! I wondered if the striking black and white SLamp t-shirts (in XL size) are available to buy online anywhere ; still want to promote you even though I can’t go to the gigs!
    Thx and good luck with the tour, Tony B

  3. Will be there on the 9th Jan, Lichfield…………..see you there!

  4. tickets NOW on sale for 5th March – Malvern Cube (with Nigel Clark – Dodgy) http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/cfspresents

  5. How can I get tickets for 11 March gig?

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  7. Elizabeth Conboy

    Saw them last night in Sheffield Brilliant !!!

  8. Great night in Birmingham last week will deffinatly catch on of your gigs in future

  9. David Mortimer

    You guys were terrific in your support slot for The Who at the NIA (Barclaycard Arena). Great sound, great performance in front of usually impatient Who fanatics like myself. When are you coming back to Brum? You’d be great at the Hare & Hounds – or better still at The Robin in Bilston.

  10. Hey guys, Saw you with that band The Who @ Sheffield – had a chat afterwards – Top set really enjoyed it – Get yourself up to Norwich!!! Huge music scene up here – Norwich Arts Centre would suit you guys great!!

  11. Gipo Bottoli

    Hope to see you guys in Milan.

  12. David Mortimer

    Ooh – Standard Lamps are coming to Moseley in Brum soon! They’ll be at the Cuban Embassy, a new venue. Seems that it’ll be a right “rum” do, so we hope to be there. Cheers, guys!

  13. David Mortimer

    Hey guys – I checked with The Cuban Embassy in Moseley (Brum) about your listed date (on Wed. July 26th) but it isn’t on their events diary and when I phoned I was told it wasn’t a booking that they knew anything about. What’s goin’ on and has it been cancelled or switched to somewhere else in the city?
    You need to play the Hare & Hounds or similar somewhere more suitable for you than Cuban Embassy. Please advise!! ,

  14. 17.06.2017: Any update on the upcoming Birmingham gig, chaps?

  15. OK folks – thanks; I’ll have to check up again there to see if the people know what they’re doing. We’ll be there if you are!

  16. Great gig at the Vicars Picnic a brilliant set, do you think you will ever be in Hertfordshire, St Albans? Would love to see you guys again a great band. Matt

    • Eh up Matthew! Cheers matey, glad you enjoyed! Great festival. Not sure if we’ll be in Hertfordshire. Do you know a good venue, live music pub that will have us? Cheers! Mike

      • Hi Mike
        There is a pub in St Albnas that does live music called the Horn, they have all sorts of bands playing, well worth a try. There is also a pub calld the Blacksmiths Arms. If you need a contact for them I may have one as my mate has played there, he is a covers band. We really enjoyed at Vicars definatly the best band of the weekend. Cheers Matt

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