Long Live The Who! Thank You!

Well, what can we say.. quite a fair bit so we’ll try and keep it direct and straight to the point without sounding like some award ceremony.

We’ve had the most amazing time on this tour. We never expected to get another call to support The Who, but boy are we glad we did. Everybody who plays in The Who and everybody who works for them are an amazing team and incredibly warm people. We were treated so well and really made welcome throughout the whole tour, and it was brilliant to catch up with the band members and the crew. Big shout out to Dec, who did our monitors on each gig – you made us ultra comfortable up there matey and that makes a big difference.

The Who were amazing! Roger is truly back and it’s just amazing that he can sing all those songs the way he does 50 years after he first recorded them. He looked liked he loved every second. Pete, I think we can say that the man is a true genius, and thank christ he’s out there showing everyone how to do it. An inspirational writer and performer – he’s just gives it everything. Long live The Who!

We would like to thank our crew of long standing Lamp sound engineer Joe Turner on sound duties and Tom Hunt on road/guitar related duties. You both made the tour so easy, and we love you very much. Plus you made us look a bit more Rock N Roll.

Lisa – our manager. This couldn’t of happened without you, thanks for picking us up and putting us on those stages!

Elle – Thanks so much for dealing with social media posts when the time just isn’t there! Gem – thanks for your pics and vids!

To all you lovely people who knew the band already and travelled to the gigs – you’re brilliant, thank you! We really appreciate it!

To all the people who are new to the band and got in touch with us over this tour, we’re so glad you liked our music, tell your mates and we hope to see you again soon and some point!

And now the money shots – Two of the greatest living musical Legends. We are honoured to support you!

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