The Bluetones – 20th Anniversary Jukebox Tour 2015

photoWell, a couple of weeks ago saw the end of the tour supporting The Bluetones.

Bristol was the perfect way to end, thanks to all that were there and being very Rock N Roll on a Sunday night! T’was really quite quite ace.

Wanna say a big big thanks to Mark, Adam, Scott, Alex and Eds. It’s been a real pleasure to play for you guys and it’s been great watching you night after night. Most of all, thanks for taking a punt on a lil unsigned band like us.

Also, big thanks to all the crew/associates (Helen, Andy, Jimmy The Lips, Woz, Mark to name a few). Been a large pleasure to spend the days and nights with you.

Big up’s to Lamps gal Elle for providing the pics and tour social media.

Biggest of all. Thanks to you guys who came to the shows. Had a lot of lovely messages from you guys. Especially those who bought a ticket to see us. Mind blowing.


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