Picture by Haydn aka Wheelzwheeler (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) Source:

Picture of Norman Watt-Roy by Haydn/Wheelzwheeler (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) Source:

Eh up! It’s July people! The first half of the year has been and gone, so we hope you have all kept to your New Year resolutions and stopped drinking, smoking, eating chocolate and generally stopped having fun. hehe.

July is hotting up to be a busy one for us, so here’s a list of whats coming up.


3rd July – Colchester Arts Centre supporting the mighty Norman Watt-Roy. If you’re not sure who Norman is – he is responsible for all those fantastic bass lines in all of Ian Dury’s classic songs. He also guitar legend Wilko Johnson’s bass player. Say no more! Tickets are £10

4th July – Tentertainment – Tenterden, Kent. This is a great FREE festival. always a great atmosphere with a large crowd turning up!

6th July – Elephant And Castle – Lewes, East Sussex. Again it’s FREE and Mike will be doing a short solo set.

26th July – The Trinity Theatre – Tunbridge Wells, Kent. This will be great! We’ll be airing some new un’s there. Tickets are £10, and we have them for sale. If you fancy one or two or ten. Drop us a line.

27th July – Create Festival – Ashford, Kent. This another FREE festival on a nice big stage. Nizlopi are headlining this. Gonna be great!

There you go! Recording of the second album is still ongoing at the mo. Should have some more news soon!

If you havent heard the first album or last year’s singles who can listen here!

Enjoy the sun you lovely lot!

The Standard Lamps

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